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Sudip Deb

SECTION (SEC) — There is a difference between types of “seeing”. To perceive requires interpretation, a layer of thought about the information your eyes are intaking. Seeing and drawing are advanced methods of thinking. In the development of this attribute, students will learn to think about the things that they see, by enrolling drawing as mechanism that allows for a closer and longer look. This in turn yielding the capacity to “see as” rather than just “to see”— an interpretive quality that builds a propensity to think critically.

Students begin by slicing fruit and scanning the slices. Klay stated, “we wouldn’t understand buildings yet, so you’re making us start with fruit.” The fruit is then digitalized and work with Rhino 3D and Adobe Illustrator begins. Through the simple fruit shapes, students can shape an understanding of an architectural section while learning the basics of computer programs.

Jaia Johnson

Using colors from the fruit itself, the students create traced drawings of the slices. In doing so, the 3D textural fruit becomes a flat, abstracted shape.  Jaia’s eggplant is a series of almost circles and demonstrates the taper of the object.

Royshawn Tye-Horn, Fahmida Faijah, Kalista Bennett

Using Adobe Photoshop, the students replicate textures from original photos of the fruits. This familiarizes them with photo manipulation and allows for some experimentation using the software. 

Eugene Kim teaching Rhino 3D

For the next step, students stack up their traced sections in Rhino 3D in order to create new digitalized versions of the original fruits. Making this new object allows for the textures to be mapped and a ‘Frankenfruit’ born.

Jada Ingram, Kennedy Watts

Students use Adobe Photoshop and Rhino 3D to make an animated gif of their fruits.

Asholey Calito-Cucul

Jada Ingram

Jazmin Jenkins

“Frankenfruit” designed by Vanesa Aguilar, Chandana Rao, Nicole Tooley, Dallas Witbeck with Yojairo Lomeli and Mason Magemeneas

In architecture, a drawing type, the section, is a kind of drawing that not only typically reveals the interior volumes of various architectures, but it also reveals one of the major super powers of the architect. The ability to imagine cutting through an object will effectively reveal the simple lines that make up the object. With enough sections through an object, the series of lines can inform the three-dimensionality of the object, and provide a structure to contemplate how it might be constructed.

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